Episode 13:  What We’ve Learned

Welcome to the Intuitive Pathfinders podcast with Catherine Yunt and Astrologer Dawn. We hope that many of you have gained something by listening to the two of us talking about some of our favorite topics. On this episode of the Intuitive Pathfinders Podcast, we recap the topics of our previous episodes, and talk about what we’ve learned on our podcasting journey!

On Wednesday, April 5th, Saturn retrograded. That day,  following the taping of our live broadcast, we made the decision to take a hiatus from the Intuitive Pathfinders Podcast.  We began this adventure in January 2017, and were both excited about having a new learning experience and plunged in head first.  After four months, we have re-evaluated the exchange of the outgoing energies  required to produce each episode with the returning benefits.  We came to the same conclusion – that this exchange is not balanced.

In the future, you can access all of the Intuitive Pathfinders Podcast episodes on the Intuitive Pathfinders YouTube channel. With each podcast, we also provided you with tools and resources for enhancing your intuition, whether that was a book, a website, deck of cards we like or a meditation practice. So, be sure to check out the list of resources for each episode on the individual episode post pages.


“What We’ve Learned” Episode Highlights

  • 5:25 Saturn retrograde is often a time to reorganize, in order to make more efficient use of resources.  Catherine shares what this Saturn Rx means for her.
  • 6:56 Honor your intuition and the intuition of those with which you work. Astrologer Dawn shares about her plans for her Saturn Return and this Saturn Rx.
  • 8:18 At the same time, we began recording the podcast, Catherine became an EVOX facilitator.  She works with clients, assisting them in re-framing their perceptions that color their experiences.
  • 9:35 Catherine can be reached at www.InnerKnowing.net. Catherine Yunt teaches spiritual/psychic developments classes in Tucson. If you are motivated by these podcasts and want to learn more about your own intuitive abilities, call her at (480) 262-7123, or send an email to info@innerknowing.net.
  • 10:05 Astrologer Dawn re-evaluates what’s important in her personal and professional life.
  • 12:22 Astrologer Dawn’s passion is to work with females to assist them in monetizing their passions to create success emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially, so they can create a lifestyle that works for them.
  • 12:58 Here’s how to contact Astrologer Dawn: If you are looking for insight, guidance, focus and direction and believe I might be of assistance in moving your life from where you are now to where you want to be and are interested in either Consultations or Coaching, you can check out her website, www.AstrologerDawn.com, or call (520) 419-5419.
  • 13:50 Episode and LIVE Broadcast topics recap!

Introduction – What is Intuition and It Is Not
Using Cards to Confirm Your Intuition
Relationships, Soul Mates and Twin Flames
Using Astrology to Connect with Your Intuition
Collaboration with The Other Side
Connecting with Your Heart’s Intuitive Wisdom
Doing What You Love Using Your Intuition
Signs, Synchronicity and Angel Talk
Dreams and Visitations
Abundance, The Law of Attraction and Your Intuition
Curiosity – Your Intuition at Work
The Three Clairs – The Most Common Forms of Intuition
The Roadblocks – Fears, Blocks and Obstacles

  • 27:40 Card for this Episode: Using the Thoth Deck and asking the question, “What have we learned from this experience and what are we going to take forward?” The 2 of swords came out of the deck – “The Peace Card”
    What do we want you to take from this final (for the moment) podcast?
  • Contact Astrologer Dawn and Catherine Yunt with your questions and comments, or if you need guidance.

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  • BOOK: The Time In Between: A Novel by Maria Duenas
  • WEB EVENT:  Hay House World Summit (May 6th – 23rd)
  • HEALING: The Tapping Solution (a type of Meridian Tapping) with Nick Ortner
  • MINDFULNESS:  Satsang with Mooji
  • BOOK:  The Scalpel and the Soul: Encounters with Surgery, the Supernatural, and the Healing Power of Hope by Dr. Allan Hamilton


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