Episode 7:  Signs, Synchronicities & Angel Talk

On this episode of Intuitive Pathfinders, Astrologer Dawn and Catherine Yunt discuss Signs, Synchronicities and Angel Talk.

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“Signs, Synchronicities & Angel Talk” Episode Highlights

  •  1:45  Oftentimes, our deceased loved ones send us signs or messages. How do you know your signs are real?
  • 3:33  Signs are not always from the dead. They can be signs from the spiritual realm with those you have asked for guidance.
  • 5:08  Loved ones can give guidance from the other side.
  • 7:12  A grief group called Helping Parents Heal, teaches parents how to communicate with their deceased children and brings in speakers and mediums.
  • 9:28  Receiving signs is an ongoing relationship. Establish the relationship, learn how the mechanism works (passion and love), tap into that, and you will have ongoing communication
  • 10:51 Be aware of signs. Pay attention to who and what is in your environment, otherwise you might miss signs.
  • 12:32  Asking for confirmation of a sign.
  • 14:58  Being aware of signs and their patterns or cycles. Do things for you come in threes? Be expectant and in a receiving mode. Also, animal cards can help you determine meanings of animals that appear in your life.
  • 18:00  Signs are not always instantaneous. You have to be patient. You never know when you will get an answer to a question that you have asked. Sometimes they come four years later!
  • 19:52  Dates can also be significant in receiving signs. Pointing again to cycles, patterns, and rhythms of signs.
  • 22:26  Carl Jung coined the term synchronicities describing “meaningful coincidences” that occur when your inner and outer worlds mirror each other.
  • 24:43  Catherine shares one of her favorite synchronicities involving a personalized license plate.
  • 25:44  Dawn shares her synchronicities experiences.
  • 26:56  Angel Talk – when you hear the same thing from two different people who don’t know each other, or if they do they haven’t spoken about a situation.
  • 28:10 Catherine’s Angel Talk story about ARIEL, the archangel of Joy.
  • 30:34  Talking to angels and making a requests for guidance. How do we become more aware of Signs, Synchronicities and Angel Talk?
  • 32:40  Card of the Week:  Archangel Haniel from the Moon Cycles Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. Are you paying attention to your own personal cycles? Are the times of the month, year, or day that you hear messages more clearly? What is your own personal rhythm?
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