Intuitive Pathfinders Intro Part 1

Astrologer Dawn and Catherine Yunt introduce each other and explain what it is to be an Intuitive Pathfinder. Discover more about what intuition is and what can stand in the way of tuning in to your own intuition.


“Intuitive Pathfinders Intro Part 1” Episode Highlights

  • 01:58 Introduction to Astrologer Dawn
  • 04:12 Introduction to Catherine Yunt, MC
  • 07:45 What is an Intuitive Pathfinder?
  • 08:30 What intuition is.
  • 17:50 What intuition is not.
  • 19:45 What discounts your intuition?
  • 24:35 Limiting beliefs and worry.
  • 27:45 What worrying does for you.
  • 29:30 Coming up on the next episode.



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