Intuitive Pathfinders Intro Part 2

Astrologer Dawn and Catherine pull two tarot cards and tell you what you should be aware of this week. Also, discover ways to better access your intuition, and how to find and support yourself on your intuitive path. Remember to join Astrologer Dawn and Catherine Yunt for their LIVE web event on February 1st at noon (Arizona time)!


“Intuitive Pathfinders Intro Part 2” Episode Highlights
  • 02:51 What can we do to tune into our intuition? Breathing, dreams, observing, feeling, mindfulness, being creative, meditation.
  • 10:15 Metaphysical tools to help you develop and access your intuition. Astrology, human design, numerology.
  • 13:20 Cut down on life distractions. Slow down, gain clarity about your intuitive path.
  • 15:14 Surround yourself with people who support your mission and vision.
  • 19:46 Stop caring about what other people think.
  • 22:44 What can you do if you have too much intuition? Tune into our one-hour LIVE web event on February 1st!
  • 23:47 Topics for future podcasts. Tools, resources, videos, books, CDs.
  • 29:25 Two tarot cards for this episode: Six of Swords and The High Priestess


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