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Video: Dreams & Visitations – March 1st, 2017 – Intuitive Pathfinders

Dreams & Visitations – Intuitive Pathfinders LIVE March 1st, 2017

(plus, 6 steps to lucid dreaming)

What action can you take in order to dream more fully?
What is the ritual that you need to set in place in order to dream, and to remember those dreams?

Intuitive Pathfinder’s, Astrologer Dawn and Catherine Yunt, talk all about Dreams (Pre-cognitive and Lucid) and Visitations! Learn how to better tune-in to the figures in your dreams, and the messages your dreams are sending to you.

Dreams take place in two realms – the subconscious and the superconscious.  On the subconscious level, unresolved issues from the day may be processed.  Often times you will awake with a solution to a problem.

Jonas Elrod, writer, director and producer for television and film, consults the Intuitive Pathfinders to discover techniques for having clearer and more frequent dreams and visitations!


6 Steps to Lucid Dreaming
  1.  Throughout the day, remember to look at your hands for about 10 seconds. This will help you notice any changes in your hands in the dream.
  2.  Before you go to sleep at night say to yourself: “I am going to remember my dream tonight and I am going to dream about ________.” Repeat this over and over again and it will increase your ability to remember your dreams.
  3.  Ask yourself repeatedly throughout the day, “Am I dreaming?” Then (like the hands method) while you are dreaming you will ask yourself and hopefully become consciously aware that you are dreaming.
  4.  Use the good old fashioned “pinch test.” If you are unsure if you are dreaming, give yourself a pinch. If you are dreaming you won’t be able to feel this, so then you will know that you are dreaming.
  5.  Keep a dream journal. This is very important! Keep a notepad beside your bed and whenever you wake up, whether its 3, 6 or 9 a.m., write down whatever you remember about your dream and if you did become conscious, write down exactly how that happened, and then what happened after that point.
  6. Set your alarm clock to wake you up about 5 ½ hours after you have fallen asleep. Studies show that if you are woken up during a dream you are more likely to remember them.


Card of the Week – Dreams & Visitations

From The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards by Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks

Every emotion I feel is guidance from my adoring Inner Being.


Resources from Dreams & Visitations
  • Book:  The Little Book of Dream Symbols –  The Essential Guide to Over 700 of the Most Common Dreams by Jacqueline Towers (medium, psychometrist, tarot reader, Reiki Healer, counselor and former president of the British Astrological and Psychic Society). Published Feb 2017.
  • Book:  Adventures Beyond The Body by Christina Zaccaria
  • Book:  Remembering And Understanding Your Dreams by Craig Hamilton-Parker
  • Cards:  The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards by Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks


Contact Astrologer Dawn and Catherine Yunt with your questions and comments, or if you need guidance.



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